The Library accepts as its mission the responsibility of providing access to books and other resources in support of education, recreation and culture. It will create and support programs that encourage reading for children, life-long learning for adults, and access to the latest in technical communications.

Celebrate Banned Books Week at the Brown Public Library, September 21-27. The Library will join other libraries in the USA to raise awareness about banned books. Even in this day and age, book banning is still happening! Check out these helpful websites to become informed about what a freedom it is to have the right to read what you want to read: Banned Books Week; The Freedom to Read Statement, 1953; The Library Bill of Rights, 1939.

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LISTEN UP! VERMONT: The Brown Public Library, as a member of the Green Mountain Consortium, provides a downloadable e-book and audio book service for adults, kids and teens.

UNIVERSAL CLASS: An online educational resource available to every public library in Vermont. It gives library patrons access to over 500 free online courses from hobbies to job skills to education and test preparation and more. All you need to register is your library bar code number. Self-paced courses with real instructors have video-based lessons, graded tests, a collaborative learning environment, and certificates of achievement. To register go to or call the library (485-4621) for more information.

HERITAGEQUEST ONLINE: Search various databases valuable in genealogical research.

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